do Elite



do Elite

do Elite provides you 30 GB monthly data usage limit and up to 20 Mbps VDSL line +
30 GB Promotion Data*.
*Only available in selected areas

do Elite is best for

  • Up to 20 Mbps download speeds
  • Large usage customer
  • Retrieving email
  • Surfing the Internet
  • Online Banking
  • Gaming online
  • Listen to music online
  • Watching HD videos online
  • Free Promotional internet to watch DStv Catch up
  • online and rent DStv BoxOffice, Samsung Video Hub and
  • iTunes movies online - Subject to Telkom Terms and Conditions*.

What’s in the Plan?

  • DSL line(1)
    • VDSL (up to 20 Mbps based on broadband technology)
  • Telkom Internet Account with
    • 30 GB of monthly shaped data usage + 30 GB Promotional Data*
Add a Telkom Closer calling Plan 2 to your Bundle

What do you get with the Telkom Closer Plan 2?

  • Includes Home Line rental.
  • Unlimited FREE Evening & Weekend calls - up to an hour per call (Telkom local and long distance)
  • FREE CallCatcher (IdentiCall, Call Answer and Waiting Call)
  • Pay 49c per minute-for local & long distance calls during Standard Time (billed per second -minimum charge of 49c per call
  • 30 inclusive std minutes - local calls
  • 60 FREE surfing minutes during Callmore time
  • Call Answer (voicemail service) or IdentiCall (identify incoming calls).

Specifications & Costs

Download Speed

Up to 20 Mbps(1)

Monthly Data Allowance

30 GB Shaped Soft-Cap + 30 GB Promotion Data*


R727.00per month(2)

+ Telkom Line Rental

R157.00per month(3)

Total Cost

R884.00per month(4)

Orderdo Elite Bundle


Total Cost
(including do Elite, Telkom home line rental & Call Answer)

R921.00per month

Orderdo Elite Bundle + Telkom Closer

Broadband modem routers

You will need to purchase a Broadband modem router for your Broadband line. Telkom offers a variety of Broadband modem routers or you may purchase one yourself, but please ensure that your order has been confirmed before you purchase the modem/router.