do Uncapped Premium



do Uncapped Premium bundle provide uncapped data and a 0 Mbps ADSL line.

What do you get with do Uncapped Premium?

What is this Plan ideally suited for?

  • Largest usage customer
  • Retrieving email
  • Surfing the internet
  • Fastest file downloads
  • Listen to online music
  • Watch videos online
  • Telephone calls over the internet(VoIP)
  • Video calls over the internet(VoIP)
  • Play games online

What do you need?

A Telkom telephone line with ADSL

ADSL(1) is Broadband access based on an Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, a modem-based technology that turns an ordinary telephone line into a multi-tasking access medium.

Telkom's stand alone DSL services are available in 3 speed offerings namely:

  • Fast DSL up to 1024 kbps
  • Faster DSL up to 2048 kbps
  • Fastest DSL up to 4096/10016 kbps

Telkom's stand alone VDSL:

  • Elite DSL up to 20Mbps
  • Elite + DSL up to 40 Mbps

View our stand alone DSL access offerings.

ADSL offers download speeds more than 7 times faster than normal dial-up speeds.

These stand alone DSL offerings are used by Telkom as well as various other service providers to package Broadband offerings that combine the ADSL access, Internet account and value added services such as e-mail, webspace and so on.

View our do Bundles for discounted offerings on ADSL broadband.

Specifications & Costs


R0.00per month(2)

+ Telkom Line Rental

R157.00per month(3)

Total Cost

R157.00per month(4)

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