Do Messaging Questions


What Is do Messaging?

do Messaging is Telkom Internets' web mail solution, provided free to Telkom Internet customers.

How to log into do Messaging?

Type in the browser

Type in the Username and password

Select Login

How do I enable forwarding to a different email address?

You can log on to your mail box via do messaging and go to options then click on mail in the left menu and you will see an input box labelled "forward a copy to:" just type the address you would like your mail to be forwarded to

How to add or activate an out of office or auto responder to my mail account

Log in to do Messaging ( click on options and put a tick in send auto-reply and type the message you would like to be on the auto reply in the text box provided

How to use the Contacts?

Select Address Book

How to add a New Contact

Select New

Select New Contact

Type in the information as requested below

Select Save

What is the calendar?

Using the calendar, you can:

  • Track and schedule appointments, meetings, and events
  • View your calendars using various views, including Day, 5-Day Work Week, 7-Day Week, and Month
  • Create different calendars
  • Add color to your calendars to visually distinguish different types of appointments
  • View multiple calendars to see potential scheduling conflicts
  • Import and export calendars
  • Print your calendar
Free/busy reporting shows your availability when scheduling appointments and meetings. If you have access to other users' calendars, you can also see their availability with free/busy reporting.

How do I change the calendar to start on a day of the week other than Sunday?

The calendar week begins on Sunday by default. To change the day of the week:

  1. Click the Preferences tab.
  2. Click the Calendar tab. The Calendar tab appears, as shown below.
  3. Choose a day from the Start week on menu.

How to create a Document

Select Documents
Select New

The Page allows you to change the Page Name

  • Select Save to save the document
  • Select Close to close the document
  • Spell Check allows you to do a spell check on the Page
  • Select Save
  • Once the document has been saved a page similar to the one below will be displayed
To open or view your doc's click on browse
To make any further changes to the document select the Document Name, then Select Edit
  1. Select Refresh to refresh the document
  2. Select Edit to edit the selected Document
  3. Select Delete to Delete the Document
  4. Select Print to Print the Document