Shared Web Hosting Questions


Who do I phone to order a Shared Web Hosting solution?

Give us a call on 10210.

Who do I phone if I have a problem with my Shared Web Hosting solution?

Phone our technical support desk on 10210.

Why is it called Shared web hosting?

Customers share a physical server, its processor(s), storage/disc space, CPU, memory, and connection to the data centre network. Shared hosting is attractive as a low-cost solution for relatively simple websites.

What is FTP?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method of transferring files from and to an FTP server. In most cases used for uploading files to your allocated web space.

How do I FTP?

Find out more using the online tutorial.

Which FTP clients are recommended?

We recommend using either WS_FTP_LE or Cute FTP, details on both can be found here.

What are Frontpage Extensions?

These are a set of server-side scripts and programs, which enable users of Microsoft FrontPage to use its special components.

How do I pay my TBIS account by Debit Order facility:

Should you wish to be included in our automated payment facility please contact 10210.

Payment Procedure: TBIS Account Payments - Debit Order?

To ensure that your payments are timorously allocated to your account, please ensure that your account number (012345678-1) is used as reference when making payment of your account, by means of direct deposit or electronic transfer methods. Note that for payments made at ABSA, the full account number without the hyphen should be used as reference (0123456781). TBIS Bank Account Number: 01017463710 Branch Code: 632005 - ABSA BANK MIDRAND

If you would like to receive your monthly invoice via email, TBIS Debit Order Account.

Please kindly submit your request to the following email address:

For account payments, to your Telkom Account, using your Internet Banking facility

Please ensure that your Telkom account is added to your Internet banking profile. To add Telkom to your Internet Banking profile, you need to contact your banking institution. Telkom is an approved beneficiary. Once Telkom has been added as a beneficiary on your Internet banking profile, Please ensure that your Telkom Account number located at the back of your Telkom account is used as reference when making payment to your account. The reference number is 19 digits long.

Telkom Internet Account Payments - (Telkom Account.)

For normal over the counter payments, please click on the following link, for your nearest Telkom Shops.

What is .htaccess? & does TelkomInternet support this service?

htaccess is the name of a computer file on the Apache HTTP Server, configuring settings like which URLs lead to where, which directories are browsing-enabled, or which pages are password-protected. The htaccess file is also a tool for search engine optimization, making it possible to create plain URLs. With .htaccess you can specify custom error pages.

Much like Apache's main configuration file, .htaccess files contain a number of directives.

For example:

# Sets /404.html as the page for the 404 error:

ErrorDocument 404 /404.html

# Redirects /wiki_1 to an alternate site:

RedirectPermanent /wiki_1

See also

Apache .htaccess tutorial (

Shared Web Hosting: Glossary

E-business Service Provider

A supplier of professional services, IT solutions and/or systems integrations services focused on Web and Internet-based applications and infrastructure.


Electronic commerce refers to the purchasing of goods via an electronic network. Transactions do not have to be completed over the network, but the transaction must be initiated via the network.


Additional hardware, software technology or services designed to assist in the process of serving content to clients.


A computing device capable of retrieving stored content and delivering it on request to external clients via a network connection.


Customers share a physical server, its processor(s), storage/disk space, CPU, memory, and connection to the data centre network. Shared hosting is attractive as a low-cost solution for relatively simple web sites.


All software needed to run the server and platform the process of serving content to external clients via the network. The typical minimum software environment is operating system and web server.

World Wide Web or Web

The WWW or Web is a worldwide network of servers that supports Hypertext connections using Hypertext Mark-Up Language (HTML) and the Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP).