Wireless Questions


How do I view available wireless networks?

Windows XP

Right-click the wireless network icon in the lower right corner of your screen, and then click View Available Wireless Networks.

Windows 7

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Click Network and Sharing centre
  4. Click Connect to a network


Click on the airport Icon on the top right hand corner of the screen

Select the Network you would like to connect to and click on the Network

How do I find my SSID?

The Wireless Network Connection window appears and displays your wireless network listed with your SSID (network name).

Windows XP
Windows 7

What can I do if I do not see my wireless network?

If you don't see your network, click Refresh network list in the upper left corner.

Click your network, and then click Connect in the lower right corner

Ensure that the wireless adapter is turned on.

Look for the Wi-Fi button on a laptop/Notebook

and on a pc make sure the internal adapter or dongle is connected

The connection prompts you to enter a key. Type the encryption key that is at the bottom of the Router or that was configured on the router
Windows 7

If the window asking for the key does not come up, it could be that there is an old Wi-Fi profile already on the pc and needs to be removed

How do I remove the an old Wi-Fi profile?

Windows XP

In "view available Wi-Fi networks" click on change advance settings
Select the old connection; in this example: Zyxel

Select remove

Windows 7

  1. Select Start
  2. Select Network and Sharing Centre
  3. Click on Manage Wireless Connections
Select the old network and Select Remove


Click on open network pref
In the network option under Airport
Click advanced
Select the network and click the "-" to remove
Is the wireless connection connected to the modem? (look at status on Wireless Network Connection)

Close the Wireless Network Connection window.

You are now connected via the wireless connection and if the modem is connected to the internet should be able to browse